Transforming Performance

Would you like to be a more successful leader?

Would you like your teams to automatically do what you need them to do?  

Would you like your staff to smile as they enthusiastically go about achieving the goals of your business?

Then I can help you!

If you are a small business or corporate leader then I can help you to achieve your goals, get better performance and be more productive, whilst getting more time for you!

I am a performance coach working with leaders and teams like you and your team using simple, productive and fun tools and techniques to maximise performance.

I offer coaching and workshops to groups and individuals using my Team Performance Engine© programme.

I can also offer Skype or telephone coaching to locations across the world!

I am looking forward to working with you!


Julie Hutchison 


10 Reasons why you need a coach


  1. You will define your goals
  2. You will make positive steps towards achieving your goals
  3. You will find clarity and focus
  4. You will be more successful
  5. You will be more confident
  6. You will move faster than on your own
  7. You will challenge yourself
  8. You will overcome negative beliefs
  9. You will have fun!
  10. You will want more!

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